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BSL J Performing Team

For 6 months, be mentored by the best swing dance/lindy hop performing team in Singapore. Come experience what it's like to strive for the highest standard at an international level!

Set up with the aim of introducing dancers to the rigorous standards of global lindy hop and swing dance, this Junior Performing Team Program aims to achieve the twin goals of increasing the quality of dance locally, while also nurturing the next generation of performers and teachers for the SG scene. If you are someone who is passionate about lindy hop, solo jazz, charleston, tap or swing dance in general, this program will help you to understand what it means to be dancing at as high level as possible a level as benchmarked against a global reference. This program is holistic and not only works on dance technique and various performance skills, it also provides cultural and historical references to help you understand global trends in the dance and will equip you with the skills to make more specific choices for the dance into the future (such as which areas to specialize in) and to understand the importance of social dancing to a community.

What To Expect

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Required training commitment -

2.5 hrs per week, June to October with the possibility of increasing to 3hrs per week nearer the performance dates

Goals -

To Perform and Present between 3 to 5 items each dancer, and a total of 5 to 6 items for either a live-show or an online concert or both. (will be adjusted based on personnel) 

To acquire skills as near as possible to professional level dancers despite not being full-time or professional dancers, to aim as close as possible to a professional level of dancing as based on a global/ intl standard [or to acquire an understanding of the rigorous standards of pro level dancing on an intl standard]

Long Term Aims -

To nurture and develop passionate dancers within the SG Lindy Hop scene and encourage higher quality of dance and performance, thus contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the scene and ensuring its continuation by developing the new wave/generation of dancers/teachers/performers, to lay the groundwork for new generations of professional dancers that will come out of the SG lindy scene, to create shows and performances to publicize the dance in Singapore and beyond 

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What You will Learn

- Learn technical and performance skills, including formation, slotting, choreography memorising, styling & performance character, audience projection
- Understand global trends in Swing dance and Lindy Hop 
- Become aware of what constitutes good dancing and what is not good dancing as it is applied to Social dancing and Performance dancing
- Committed mentorship by BSL team members with open and honest feedback

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Performance/Online Concert

This program will culminate with either a live performance or an online performance depending on the safety restrictions at the time (October 2021).

If you join this program it is mandatory to be part of the performance with a minimum of 2 - 3 items each dancer. 

For more details about process, rough schedule and what you will learn you can download the pdf below.

The main trainer for this Junior Performing Team Program is Jingyi Heng. Other team members such as B, K, Marz or Denise will come in from time to time to work with specialized topics. 

If there are questions don't hesitate to contact us at or by Whatsapp (either B or J). Look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

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