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The Fast Track - 6 Count Swing for Beginners

Next date 23/4/22

Tiered Pricing - Bring more friends, get a cheaper per person price for class! We want to spread the joy dancing to as many people as possible, so we want to encourage you to get your friends/family/whoever to come dancing with you. 

Only 1 person needs to sign up and make payment for all, but when indicating pls use the appropriate option for how many people will be in your group. 
One Person - $100
Two People - $180 (90sgd each)
Three People - $240 (80sgd each)
Four People - $280 (70sgd each)
Five People -$ 300 (60sgd each)

6 Count is the easiest form of swing dance to get into! Try it out with us in one afternoon!

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