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The Fast Track! 

Bootcamp Style Intensive Workshop

Learn to Dance in A Day! That's what the Fast Track series is for. We know that sometimes it's hard to make the commitment to a whole 4 or 6 week dance series due to a busy timetable. But with an opportunity like this you can have your cake and eat it! Our experienced teachers will guide you through material that is normally spread over a 4 week course in 3 hours (2 hours for Solo Jazz) on a weekend afternoon. After this intensive session, you WILL be able to get dancing, anywhere, anytime - Not expert lah, but surely can dance! For those of you that prefer a concentrated dose of learning or want to see what the swing dances are like, these one-off workshops are the perfect fit.
Fast Tracks are held once a month for each style. For the latest updates click on each of the pictures for more details.

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