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World Lindy Hop Day 2022 Performance Group

Set over 2 months, be part of a team to learn and perform Frankie's Big Apple for WLHD Singapore 2022!! As we celebrate Lindy Hop and Frankie Manning's birthday, we invite you to be part of a live performance that is in the works for this year's WLHD celebrations. One of the performance items will be Frankie's Big Apple, a routine that Frankie Manning choreographed to the song Flying Home for the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers in New York in the late 80s. Check out Swing Quarks ( performing the routine in an event in 2019!!

You will learn the whole routine as part of a team and perform the routine for WLHD 2022. This routine contains airsteps and you will be required to learn at least one airstep with your partner. The aim is to perform it live, but pending social distancing restrictions, we may have to record the performance for broadcase for WLHD 2022. This depends on the situation in May. We recommend you sign up with a partner that you feel comfortable doing airsteps with.

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