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Solo Jazz Trial Class

For absolute beginners, no dance experience needed. Just bring yourself and friends!

Solo Jazz Trial Class

Next Date/s

31st Mar 8 to 9pm 

Payment - 10sgd per person

Venue - The Studio@Bugis, Midland House

Solo Jazz is an old footwork based dance that emphasizes rhythms and self expression done to the music of the 1920s to 1940s. There are 3 "families" in modern day solo jazz - Rhythm steps, Jazz steps and Charleston steps. We love to use swing music because it is fun and infectious and also really helps us get in the groove. We dont need a partner to do solo jazz!!

There are no refunds for trial class payments unless class is cancelled by BSL. Please ensure that you are able to make class once you have signed up! If class is cancelled, you will be refunded the amount less administrative fees of 10%.  

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