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BSL Online Concert #2
Scroll Down for Links and Showtimes!

Catch us on 11th and 12th Dec 2021, Singapore time (GMT+8) at 9pm. 

Zoom App Details -

11th Dec Saturday Night Concert

Meet ID :  825 5298 6623
Number-code : 502287

12th Dec Sunday Night Concert 

Meet ID :  821 8569 0042

Number-code : 698538

If you wish to use the Zoom Web Client (browser-based) please click on the respective the buttons at the bottom of the page to access that day's concert. 

Our second online concert featuring 8 numbers from the BSL Swing dance repertoire including Lindy Hop, Solo/Authentic Jazz, Tap Dance (Rhythm Tap) and Switch Dance. We also feature dancers who have been through our Junior performance Team programme as well as guest artists from!!

Throughout this pandemic, it has been hard, not only for dancers and artists, but for everybody. Not being able to meet-up, mingle and socialize as normal takes a toll on us all not to mention not being to express ourselves through music and dance as we usually did. This concert is dedicated to the elders, who survived through everything to keep the dance alive in order to pass it on and to the dancers who even now, after almost 2 years of social distancing and restrictions, are waiting for the when we can dance freely again. As Duke Ellington would say - We Love You, Madly.

The concert is free and will be screened on Zoom. No registration needed. Please feel free to share this event with friends and family as it is a concert with a broad scope for all to enjoy. 

Donations are appreciated. If you are in Singapore, you can paynow/paylah to 93840144, or if you are overseas you can paypal to

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