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The Fast Track - Charlestons For Beginners

Next Date 16/4/22

Tiered Pricing - Bring more friends, get a cheaper per person price for class! We want to spread the joy dancing to as many people as possible, so we want to encourage you to get your friends/family/whoever to come dancing with you. 

Only 1 person needs to sign up and make payment for all, but when indicating in the google forms pls use the appropriate option for how many people will be in your group. 
One Person - $100
Two People - $180 (90sgd each)
Three People - $252 (84sgd each)
Four People - $300 (75sgd each)
Five People - $325 (65sgd each)

For Absolute Beginners and Swing Jazz/ Music enthusiasts! Learn how to dance in just 3 hours in one Saturday afternoon with B Swing Lindy.

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